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Text area in a form
Text area in a form

Text area in a form

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A multi-row text area form element. Example. Unlike most other form fields, text areas are not defined with an <input> tag. The TEXTAREA indicates a form field where the user can enter large amounts of text. that <textarea> doesn't have to be inside <form> tags, but still be a part HTML Tag: textarea. It can have a name, 3 days ago - The form owner is either the form element that this <textarea> element is a descendant of or the form element whose id is specified by the form Sep 15, 2013 - try to put it inside the form tag as follows it should work <form action="sendConfirmation.php" name="confirmationForm" method="post"> <textarea Oct 26, 2012 - I'm having troubles getting my <input type="textarea" /> to have more . Documentation · Reference Documents · Form Types Reference; textarea Field Type When you create a form, each field initially displays the value of the Form components such as <input> , <textarea> , and <option> differ from other native components because they can be mutated via user interactions.A text area located outside a form (but still a part of the form): and Usage. In most respects, <TEXTAREA > works like an <INPUT > field. The initial value of the text area can be placed in between the opening and closing tags. Instead you enter a <textarea> Generally, a form collects very specific data (name, address, email address, etc) using text boxes, radio buttons, and other form elements. The form attribute specifies one or more forms the text area belongs to. Text areas are text fields that can span several lines.
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